September 18, 2009


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While we have been doing a lot of sorting and packing for the last few weeks, this weekend will represent the key tipping point.  We will be renting a moving van in order to take care of our couches, arm chairs, etc.  The house is going to look very different with those items out.  This is probably a good thing, as I only have about 2 weeks left, and we haven’t started painting yet.  The pace of change is going to be changing significantly, but the total work is probably going to be roughly the same, since we (MA) have been focusing on dealing with the small objects thus far.

As I will soon be distributing my email address to my contacts here in STL, I’ve been thinking of creating a new email address to replace what my current gmail/hotmail account(s).  Unfortunately, as I don’t have a distinctive name, and 2 billion people have already created accounts, my options for an account name are limited.   Therefore, you now have the chance to influence my future brand!  What email address would you suggest I use?

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