October 30, 2009

Napoleon tastes like lead

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Reflecting on the various countries I’ve lived in, I have noticed a trend to take hyper-local products and name them after completely disjoint well-known brands. For example, one can find Mickey Mouse flavored icecream in Germany. Likewise, the wide array of fresh juice cocktails in Lebanon has adopted the names of famous Western figures. Here is a close-up shot of one such juice menu.


Being up for an adventure, I decided to sample the Hitler. It consisted of pineapple chunks, strawberry puree, orange juice, mango, pistachio, whole almonds and ice cream (which I could have exchanged for whipped cream at my option).


It was quite tasty. Since that time, I have also had a Churchill, which turned out to be a combination of banana, strawberry, lemon and cream. Also a very pleasant combination.

October 28, 2009

With a silver platter

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Hot on the heals of looking for classes for the girls, I got a text message from their school notifying me that they are sending home registration information for clubs and after-school activities.  I love it when a good plan comes together!

To make matters even more pleasant, I got the tuition payed in a nice, zippy manner today.  I was afraid it would take me over and hour and a half, but it ended up being less than 30 minutes, counting three taxi rides.  Very nice indeed!

October 27, 2009

What to do?

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Now that the major areas of our lives have come together (work, school, apartment, etc.) it is time to attend to the extra things.  Star has been asking for some supplemental lessons, and MA is just getting started.  I had my first Arabic class yesterday, which was a nice refresher.

At this point, I’ve got Arabic twice a week and cello once a week.  I need to come up with one other physical activity to fit in between.  There are a lot of choices, so I need to find the once that works best.  Unfortunately, Rugby is looking a bit iffy as the nearest team seems to be quite a bit outside the city.

October 23, 2009

The half of you who are not offended will find this very funny

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October 19, 2009

Little fishes

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Now that the family has arrived and is settling in, the girls are enjoying exploring their new diggs.  They are in love with the view of the sea from our new apartment.  The first thing they wanted to do yesterday was change into bathing suits and go swim in the ocean.  Of course, that was an easy sell for me, so off we went.  Although Dandellion went back and forth between ‘just getting my feet wet’ and ‘jumping in’, she eventually decided to go all the way.  Because both girls are new at swimming in these conditions, they had to learn that it is actually easier to stay away from the rocks.  Because they are used to swimming in pools, they gravitate to the edge for safety.  That doesn’t tend to work out to well when there are waves and a rocky shore.  Fortunately, everyone had a great time, and we will probably go back there this afternoon.

October 13, 2009

Conveniently nearby

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Right around the corner from my new apartment is this lovely set of stairs. Perfect for interval training! A couple of runs up and down this thing and your heartrate will be in the target zone for sure.

Ain el Mresseh 003

October 9, 2009

The Cello

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I am growing more and more fond of my electric cello as time goes on.   It is resilient, portable, and has quality sound for my level of artistry.  I still don’t have any decent pictures of the beautiful red-grained wood on the fingerboard, but I figured I would post the best pictures I have.

October photo batch 063

October photo batch 064

October 7, 2009


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In looking over my tracks, it seems I have left quite a few narrative arcs uncompleted.  In no particular order, I shall finish some of them off.  First, with regards to the Atkins thing, I’ve shut that down.  I was on it for about two months, and reached about 80% of my goals.  Now, I’ve transitioned off it, and seem to be holding well at about 175.  The mystery of the ketones was resolved surprisingly easily using google.  The answer is that the test strips measure the amount of ketones in your blood at that time, not the amount produced.  If the ketones are being consumed, through exercise, etc. then the levels at that time will be lower.  If the ketone level is high in the mornings for example, your body is producing them at a reasonable pace.  After exercise, it is reasonable to expect them to be near 0.   This is very consistent with the trend I observed, so I am declaring victory.

With regards to the cello, I have decided to take the electric, and it has arrived in good shape.  It did need a string upgrade and some fingerboard work.  As a pleasant side-effect, there was some lovely wood under the black paint, so the luthier brought that out.  I can’t really get a good shot of the beautiful grain, but it is quite striking.

The apartment search in Beirut is difficult, but seems to be coming along.  Hopefully, things will resolve in the next day or two.

October 4, 2009


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I’ve arrived safe and sound.  Time to start the settling in…

October 2, 2009


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For those of you who might prefer a slightly different perspective on the universe, you may supplement my future musings on this site with the addition of the following (totally unrealted to me) blog:

Yes, the author is sinfully handsome and witty, but don’t be taken in by just the superficial benefits.  The blog will surely offer very rare posts and shallow observations.

Buddha don’t fail me now….

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At this point, I am well into what would normally be the panic phase of the relocation.  My flight is tomorrow, and there is still a huge pile of things left to do.  This was more or less expected, as MA will be remaining for an additional two weeks to handle that stuff.  Fortunately, my stress management techniques are far better than they ever have been, so I think I am doing fairly well (all things considered).

We signed with our management company today, thus putting our house on the rental market.  This afternoon, I will be mowing the lawn for the last time (this year at least).  I’ve got all the ingredient staged, and I’ll be filling my stylish rubbermaid luggage this afternoon.  At issue is whether or not the electric cello will ultimately make the final cut.  We shall see…

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