October 2, 2009


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For those of you who might prefer a slightly different perspective on the universe, you may supplement my future musings on this site with the addition of the following (totally unrealted to me) blog:

Yes, the author is sinfully handsome and witty, but don’t be taken in by just the superficial benefits.  The blog will surely offer very rare posts and shallow observations.

Buddha don’t fail me now….

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At this point, I am well into what would normally be the panic phase of the relocation.  My flight is tomorrow, and there is still a huge pile of things left to do.  This was more or less expected, as MA will be remaining for an additional two weeks to handle that stuff.  Fortunately, my stress management techniques are far better than they ever have been, so I think I am doing fairly well (all things considered).

We signed with our management company today, thus putting our house on the rental market.  This afternoon, I will be mowing the lawn for the last time (this year at least).  I’ve got all the ingredient staged, and I’ll be filling my stylish rubbermaid luggage this afternoon.  At issue is whether or not the electric cello will ultimately make the final cut.  We shall see…

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