October 30, 2009

Napoleon tastes like lead

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Reflecting on the various countries I’ve lived in, I have noticed a trend to take hyper-local products and name them after completely disjoint well-known brands. For example, one can find Mickey Mouse flavored icecream in Germany. Likewise, the wide array of fresh juice cocktails in Lebanon has adopted the names of famous Western figures. Here is a close-up shot of one such juice menu.


Being up for an adventure, I decided to sample the Hitler. It consisted of pineapple chunks, strawberry puree, orange juice, mango, pistachio, whole almonds and ice cream (which I could have exchanged for whipped cream at my option).


It was quite tasty. Since that time, I have also had a Churchill, which turned out to be a combination of banana, strawberry, lemon and cream. Also a very pleasant combination.

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