November 24, 2009


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Because our current apartment is partially furnished, we have been on the lookout for some new pieces, particularly for the living room.  Last week, MA spotted these chairs in a local store.  We like their blend of traditional Syria styles with a modern approach.  We are still researching, because of the dependencies between furniture, rugs, etc., but we will likely chose to go with something in this general style in the end.

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November 20, 2009

As requested

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November 16, 2009


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Among the fun things we did this weekend, we started out at one of our favorite parks, Jardin Soufi.  While we were there, we found many new arrivals, including some funky ducks, fish and a turtle.  As it warmed up, we were treated to this visitor.  The flower it is drinking from is a Lantana, for which the blossoms are not more than about 2 inches across (for scale).  While it is obviously a bug (probably a mothish type thing) I’ve never seen an insect that looked so much like a hummingbird.  It even flew and hovered with the same maneuverability as a humming bird.  Couldn’t tell if the wing motion was the same though.

November 12, 2009


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I originally thought this blog space would have a bit of a sharper tone it than my more public blog.  Unfortuantely (?), I don’t really have snarky, negative things to say.  This is making it rather difficult to understand what material to put where.  Not to mention that combining two blogs and facebook means I better have a pretty interesting life, or I won’t have enough content…

For today, I have decided to go into greater depth here on my recent rugby experience.  It took several phone calls, and an odd taxi driver, but I was eventually able to meet up with the guy in charge of the team.  He took me to my first practice with them at their rugby ‘field’.  In Beirut, grass is in rather short supply, so I was curious to see what the field would like.  I’ve highlighted the area on this shot of google maps, which will illustrate the situation well:


The area in the red box is the field.  It is hardpacked clay with a strange top layer about 1-2 inches thick of very soft soil/dust.  I had a fun chat with on of the other players which went something like this:

Me:  Wow, did you have to pay extra for the dust?

Player:  No, we had to pay extra for the large rocks.  The small rocks and the dust are free.

Things went very well.  They are a fun group of guys.  I’m definitely the oldest, but not by an horrible amount.  Top quartile, but not top 10%.  I did fairly well, and was able to score quickly in the game.  This was a relief to me as I had managed to drop my water bottle twice in 10 minutes before we even started training.  There is a game coming up on the 21st, which I really hope to play in.  We’ll see if I can adapt to the new team quickly enough for that to be realistic.

In other news, Star is really enjoying her gym class.  I really liked their uniforms, so she consented to a picture:


November 10, 2009

Is this a food blog?

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I think of this as more of a ‘things I am interested in and don’t take long to blog about’ blog.  This limits my subject matter a bit, but food definitely qualifies.  As such, I bring you:

The Churchill

Lemon, strawberry, banana, etc.  Tastier than the Hilter, a bit lighter, but not as interesting to drink/eat. 

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The placemat created a quiet unintentional background shot.  Here is the full view of the placemat for context:

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November 9, 2009

This is what caffeine is for

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Last night MA and I stayed up past 1am watching half a season of Dexter in one go. I want a stainless steel cleaver for my birthday.

November 8, 2009

This is an excellent idea

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