December 1, 2009

Loads of easy posts

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We had such a good time this last week.  Fortunately, MA was on scene with her camera, so we have boodels of great pictures.  It is so odd how she is immensely better at still photography than I am, but I am better at video than she is.  Makes for a good combo.  In any case, we now have a nice stack of pictures wherewith I can easy illustrate blog posts.  Side-benefits include the fact that you can now skim these posts and just look at the pictures, while still retaining enough conversation topics that I will never know!

I will therefore chose some of the worst pictures for the next salvo.  I could have cropped and played with these, but I particualrly enjoy their ad hoc nature.  MA was setting up the camera for a time-delay family picture.  Hence there are fractional portions of MA around the edges, and the lighting isn’t quite right.  Still, they do a great job capturing the fun of a bit of firebending vs. earthbending.



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