December 21, 2009

Wondering about Christmas

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Instead of just giving up on international shipping this Christmas, we tried getting the things we wanted sent to someone in the US and then relayed on to us.  Supposedly this was to take 6-10 days.  That was 15 days ago.  Since a tracking number has not been forthcoming, it is impossible to tell where the items actually are.  This is causing quite of bit of consternation around these parts.

We have decided that Wednesday will be our decision gateway.  If they haven’t shown up by then, we will either:

  • Go out and put together a last-minute Christmas with available options
  • Pretend Christmas is actually about a week later, and just not tell the kids (relying on their bad sense of time flow).
  • Have some token Christmas thing and roll their gifts over to Chinese New Year

The last one might be tough because Chinese New Year will be in February this time around.  On the plus side, that is plenty of extra time to try and get things sorted out. On the minus side, I don’t know if I can keep them strung out this long.

It is a bit vexing, since I had all the shopping done in November.

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