December 23, 2009

Wonder no more

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The last two days have been quite an adventure. On the positive side, Mary Ann’s work got done, the Christmas box arrived, and we finally got our id cards. Getting these things done was a bit challenging, but we handled it. The logistical complexities are such that you should always have three backup plans in motion, with the hope that one of them will be successful. Generally, things work out in the end. In an amusing side-note, Dandellion’s ID card ended up being issued with the wrong gender and title. Even though the application included this picture:

Her card was printed using a title reserved for a well-respected, adult man. Hopefully, it wasn’t a swticharoo, and someone is wandering around out there with the ID card of a four year old girl.

In an unrelated matter, I thought MA’s picture turned out rather well, so I’m including it (because I can):

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