January 17, 2010

At the coast

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Fatherhood #2

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Kid looks at their parents to model relationships. It’s long known that the way the father treats the mother leads sets their context for their own expectations. With that in mind, I had to think quickly this morning when Star came to me all dressed up in scarves and other such things. She looked over at me, and with a fancified voice said:

Look at this stylish scarf, do I look like a teacher, or a mother?

Now, I presume that she considers looking stylish to be a good thing (although that is debatable as a message). I don’t want to send a message that being a teacher is somehow worse than being a mother, or that mothers/teachers would be more or less stylish. However, I think mothers tend to get a bad rap, particularly on these counts, so I smiled and answered: Like a mother, definitely!

I want her to realize that mothers can be stylish, but I don’t want her to think that non-stylish mothers are somehow not good mothers. Any suggestions on how that question could have been better answered in a way that a six-year old would understand?

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