January 19, 2010

A bit of clean up

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The arc on the use of the term addiction has been a lot of fun for me, but doesn’t seem to have been as engaging for the rest of you as I thought it would be. That being the case, I’ll wrap up by addressing some of the excellent comments that were made. I believe Cris would be next with her assertion that converts would be more susceptible to such addictions.

That may well be true. Intuitively, I’m inclined to agree. That being said, the specific groups I’ve seen most obsessed by this subject tend to be the life-long members. Even if all the converts were legitimate porn addicts, it could not possibly account for the levels claimed by the religious leaders make their dire warnings.

In addition, we had the following from Terra:

From what I understand about addiction in regards to a chemical reaction, it is that when someone is addicted to a substance or in this case an activity there is a neurological reaction that results in a release of dopamine. I would say that in order for a behavior such as alcoholism or the viewing of pornography to qualify as an addiction first it would have to be ascertained whether or not dopamine was being released in quantity.

I’m a little reluctant to take a purely medical view of addiction as a mechanism. I think we are better off establishing what behavioral results should be considered an addiction and working back from there. You bring up a fascinating line of inquiry, but I think effectively discussing it would take a lot of space.

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