April 1, 2010

Mix it up

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In contrast to the previous post, I’m going to go with something more frivolous.  I present you:

Tyrothus, my World of Warcraft Paladin!

I think he needs bigger shoulders.

This character is my main WoW figment, and is highly awesome.  He is a healer and has saved many a group from inglorious death.

Thus far, I have played three of the four different healing classes in Warcraft, and I have to say the Paladin is my favorite.  Durable, mana efficient, and powerful.  The thing about Paladins though, is that if you don’t really understand the mechanics of the game, you end up being very inefficient and falling behind the competitors, such as druids and priests.  I think this effect is responsible for their somewhat lackluster reputation among the community.

Editors note:  One purpose of this post is to raise my mockability quotient so high, that Cris will find it irresistible.  Unfortunately, this material is so easy, she may find it beneath her.  We shall see.

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