April 29, 2010


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A while ago I posted on things I used to believe, but have since discarded.  I intended to follow-up the next day with things I did believe.  However, I got a bit derailed because my concept of what it means to accept something as true has changed so much, the things I have replaced those postulates with are not even of the same nature.  Without going on a long-winded  exercise of describing and justifying that, I’ll just toss out some of my current beliefs and call it good.

Interdependent arising sounds compelling.

Paradox is unavoidable.

Descartes was right, but accept the external world anyway.

I am highly impacted by cognitive dissonance.

There is such a breadth to humanity, we don’t even agree on what the big questions are, much less the answers.

Hedonic adaptation is a big deal.

I am very bad at predicting which of the things I want will actually promote my own happiness.

Index funds are a really good idea (at least for me).

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