May 30, 2010

Markets in everything…

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MA has offered to play Warcraft with me, in exchange for me giving up Rugby.  I find this an interesting offer, for several reasons, not the least of which being I’m not sure how I would tell that story later on…

I was such a weenie, I gave up Rugby to play a videogame.


The big kicker of  course, is that it is playing a videogame with MA, which would be highly awesome.

Any thoughts on if I should take up her generous offer, and how I could explain that choice without sounding like (being) a looser?

May 24, 2010

I have a found a new webcomic, and it is funny

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May 20, 2010

Hunh, that’s not so bad

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One of the things I find electrifying about this podcast idea is the notion of stepping into uncertainty. There are credible reasons to not try this, and credible reasons to conclude it will succeed. I don’t have marketing experience, or podcasting experience either, so branching out into those new areas is something fun.

Taking on something like this will also require me to give something else up. I think I will either kill my public blog, or merge it into the new website. I’m still refining how much of my personal life I want to merge in.

Central to that question is whether or not I should use my real name. What do you folks think? Pseudonym or authenticity?

May 19, 2010

Ok, I’m going to go for it

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I’ve decided to take my chances and start up a podcast for fathers. I’m planning to have our first episode up in two weeks. I’ve got the basic site, facebook group/page, and so forth underway. I’ve learned more about Audacity in the last week than I ever thought I would, but I’m pleased with the intro music. Now to plan the advertising…

May 14, 2010

Cause men think women spy on them

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Aside from the obvious narcissistic overtones, men generally think that women like to check in on them from time to time.  I’ve been contemplating this effect lately as I am considering starting a podcast on fatherhood related issues.  Trouble is, I’m having trouble understanding the potential audience.  Obviously, the people I want to reach are guys 25-40, engaged, committed, and/or with kids.

However, the market for motherhood related stuff is much larger.  Also, there is possibly a significant cross-over recommendation effect that I might be able to exploit.  Kinda like the notion that men’s cologne is bought by women for men, etc. etc.

If I set my iTunes keywords, ad buys and marketing plan to integrate a heavy component of gender neutral (or mom-related content), I think I will get a lot more traffic, and increase the chance I will hit my target audience.  That’s the theory anyway.

What do you think, should I go wide and try to hit the ‘Honey, you should listen to this’ effect?

May 11, 2010

I am doomed to look stupid

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As music has been shown to increase athletic performance, and is just plain enjoyable, I usually have my iProduct with me when I go running.  Unfortunately, I am a sweat factory, which causes certain problems.  Among them, ruining my headphones.  It has taken me quite some time to find a product that was reasonably rugged, would stay in place and had good sound quality.  Behold the winners:

I’m quite fond of them, and they generally work out very well.  Unfortunately, due to the shape of my head, haircut or whatnot, once my hair reaches a certain sweat saturation, the moisture wicks off somehow and gets channeled into my ears.  An earful of sweat does not do much for acoustic response, not that I would be able to hear it anyway.

Thus, I end up spending way more time on sweatflow management than I want to.  From a utilitarian perspective, wearing a sweatband works extremely well, although it ends up needing to be washed after each use.  Unfortunately, it also looks very mockable.

I’ve been wondering if another solution would be getting a buzz cut to change the sweat percolation pattern.  Unfortunately, the first image to come up when I search for this hair cut was:

Automatically, I am prejudiced against it.  In addition, my hair is, shall we say… not of universal thickness?  There is a good chance that a buzz cut could backfire horribly.

Since we have a family visit to the US coming up, if I do it now, it will most likely be relatively grown back in by the time anyone would want to take a picture of me…  Maybe now is the time.

May 7, 2010

That kind of gym

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Looks like I’ve developed a body parts theme recently…   This puts me in mind of a confrontation I had a few weeks ago at the Gym.  While I acknowledge that I tend to go to the gym at off-peak times, and the thing has to be cleaned sometime or another, I had some conflict with the cleaning staff.  I have noticed several occasions when female cleaning staff have walked right in to the men’s changing area. 

In most of these cases, it has been the same person.  One morning, I was using the changing area for its intended purpose, when I saw her walk in.  As it happened, I was clothed enough at that particular moment not to qualify as a unicyclist, but that was a matter of timing more than anything else.  I decided to confront her, but the language barrier proved to be too much.

Probably in a desire to resolve the problem, she met me at the front desk and asked the attendant there to translate.  This was quite a long-shot because she didn’t speak much English either.  In a rather animated fashion (I was a smidge upset) I explained what was going on.  The clerk claimed to understanding and started to relay it to the cleaning lady.  I was already headed out the door, when I heard her ask in a startled tone: “Why?”

Since I don’t really know what message made it through that weird game of communications barriers, I have no idea what the dispute was, but it is consistent with her behavior.  Still, I wonder why she would think it was OK to decide to clean the men’s locker room while it was being used, and why objecting to that should be a mystery to her.

I don’t have any objection to a clothing option gym in principle, but that wasn’t what I signed up for, and I’m not entirely sure that I would.  What are your thoughts?  Was my objection warranted, or should I be an enlightened FKK practitioner?

May 6, 2010

National Geographic

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As some of you may already know, I’ve been trying to develop some artistic skills lately.  My goal is to be able to execute facepainting designs for kids.  In some of my research on the subject I turned to wikipedia, but was a bit surprised by the first illustration on this page:

Aside from being a slightly unusual portrayal, I’m kind of curious to know what this guy was thinking.  Did it go something like this:

You know what would make my unicycle even cooler?  Juggling!  Still not enough though…  I need a court jester costume, but that is so last week…  I know! I’ll go with a partial body painted jester suit… But where can I find the kind of hippies who won’t object to that?  The summer solstice festival!  Perfect!

I’ll say one thing for him, he is definitely a confident risk taker.  The chance of falling injury here seems unpleasant enough to avoid this particular fashion statement.

May 4, 2010

Holy nipple chafing from hell

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In my constant effort to cram more stuff into my life, I’ve reluctantly accepted the reality that I need to go to the gym in the morning.  Unfortunately, since I also walk to work, this involves way to much clothing packing complexity for my enjoyment.  My first approach was to wear a microfiber shirt to the gym, and then get this shirt wet in the shower (less stinkage) and wear it on the walk to work.

Given that I live in a rather hot climate, this seemed like a great idea.  Pre-cooled, and it evaporates on the way, reducing how much sweat my body would normally produce (I’m a big sweater).  This genius idea did work fairly well on those counts, but I had not bargained for the reality that long distance runners had figured out a long time ago.

There is a huge difference between the abrasive quality of wet and dry microfiber.  That idea is now right out the window.  The usual methods for dealing with this aren’t likely to be a good idea, because I need something I can use 5 days a week.  I’m not sure what the perfect solution is, but I’ve got to back to the drawing board.

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