May 7, 2010

That kind of gym

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Looks like I’ve developed a body parts theme recently…   This puts me in mind of a confrontation I had a few weeks ago at the Gym.  While I acknowledge that I tend to go to the gym at off-peak times, and the thing has to be cleaned sometime or another, I had some conflict with the cleaning staff.  I have noticed several occasions when female cleaning staff have walked right in to the men’s changing area. 

In most of these cases, it has been the same person.  One morning, I was using the changing area for its intended purpose, when I saw her walk in.  As it happened, I was clothed enough at that particular moment not to qualify as a unicyclist, but that was a matter of timing more than anything else.  I decided to confront her, but the language barrier proved to be too much.

Probably in a desire to resolve the problem, she met me at the front desk and asked the attendant there to translate.  This was quite a long-shot because she didn’t speak much English either.  In a rather animated fashion (I was a smidge upset) I explained what was going on.  The clerk claimed to understanding and started to relay it to the cleaning lady.  I was already headed out the door, when I heard her ask in a startled tone: “Why?”

Since I don’t really know what message made it through that weird game of communications barriers, I have no idea what the dispute was, but it is consistent with her behavior.  Still, I wonder why she would think it was OK to decide to clean the men’s locker room while it was being used, and why objecting to that should be a mystery to her.

I don’t have any objection to a clothing option gym in principle, but that wasn’t what I signed up for, and I’m not entirely sure that I would.  What are your thoughts?  Was my objection warranted, or should I be an enlightened FKK practitioner?

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