May 11, 2010

I am doomed to look stupid

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As music has been shown to increase athletic performance, and is just plain enjoyable, I usually have my iProduct with me when I go running.  Unfortunately, I am a sweat factory, which causes certain problems.  Among them, ruining my headphones.  It has taken me quite some time to find a product that was reasonably rugged, would stay in place and had good sound quality.  Behold the winners:

I’m quite fond of them, and they generally work out very well.  Unfortunately, due to the shape of my head, haircut or whatnot, once my hair reaches a certain sweat saturation, the moisture wicks off somehow and gets channeled into my ears.  An earful of sweat does not do much for acoustic response, not that I would be able to hear it anyway.

Thus, I end up spending way more time on sweatflow management than I want to.  From a utilitarian perspective, wearing a sweatband works extremely well, although it ends up needing to be washed after each use.  Unfortunately, it also looks very mockable.

I’ve been wondering if another solution would be getting a buzz cut to change the sweat percolation pattern.  Unfortunately, the first image to come up when I search for this hair cut was:

Automatically, I am prejudiced against it.  In addition, my hair is, shall we say… not of universal thickness?  There is a good chance that a buzz cut could backfire horribly.

Since we have a family visit to the US coming up, if I do it now, it will most likely be relatively grown back in by the time anyone would want to take a picture of me…  Maybe now is the time.

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