April 20, 2010

That’s really old news…

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Recently my gym added a piece of equipment that has proved quite popular:

This confuses me, because these devices have been known to be useless for what? 20 years at least?  I don’t get why people use them.  I understand the whole ‘get something for as little as possible’ thing, but this has zero chance of being helpful.  It also comes are very little cost.  Still, you give up a little, for absolutely nothing.  To me, this is the economic equivalent of the drunk guy asking if you can spare any change.

I also wonder about some the folks I meet at the gym.  Obviously it’s none of my business, but there is a certain group of people who are just never going to achieve anything in the gym.  As there have been times when I was also highly ineffective (because I didn’t understand what real effort was), I wonder if it would be doing them a favor to encourage them, etc. etc.

Yes, that makes me the obnoxious guy at the gym, so I’ve never actually done this.  I just sort of quietly wonder in my head if they think they are really exercising but aren’t seeing results because ‘insert excuse here’.

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  1. It’s nice to know that other people think the same things when seeing people piddling around in the gym. Or talking about their “diet” or why they can’t do something. I might not be empathetic enough because I rarely am sick or have physical difficulties, but I hate hearing excuses about why (for example) it is completely impossible to run a 5k. Really? there is no way no matter the amount of time and training you do, for you to run 3.1 miles?

    Of course one of the things I LOVE about running events is the support you find from complete strangers who want to help you achieve something you’ve never done before.

    Comment by Terra — April 20, 2010 @ 7:02 pm

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