April 27, 2010

warning shot

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For the last several years, I have shifted away from traditional web browsing, and become increasingly reliant on RSS feeds to bring me the content I want.  As an aside, from the visitor tracking software available, people who access my content tend to use RSS readers over direct surfing by nearly 5 to 1.  Looks like I’m not alone in my RSS-iness.

My preferred reader has been bloglines.  I’ve been quite happy with them for a long time.  However, this weekend, they had a catastrophic outage which made even my subscriptions unavailable for days.  A bit of web research shows that they are in a bit of trouble as a product line.  Therefore, despite my deep and abiding aversion to google products, I have temporarily moved over to Google reader for my RSS needs.  I’m just not willing to risk loosing all my subscriptions because someone pulls the plug without warning…

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