September 29, 2009

skoochin along

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Things are a flurry of activity on the home front these days.  We are selling, packing, storing and otherwise getting ready for the big jump.  I’ve only got a very few days left before my flight.  Today, we are having the carpets cleaned.  Thanks to some near heroic efforts from my sister, the painting is going fairly well.  We have primed 2/3 of the house and done the trim on 1/2 the downstairs.  Tomorrow should see that task done (or close enough).  I expect we will have things straightened out by the end of the week, but probably not by Wednesday.

Thankfully, my new sister in law has leant me her SUV, thus increasing our cargo carrying capacity significantly.  On top of that, the storage space MA’s parents have provided is saving us a bundle of money.  All together, family members are reducing the expense of this move by close to $1,000 a year.  This illustrates how happy they are to get rid of me =)

In other news, I was stung by a bee on my foot yesterday.  Oddly, that has turned out to be much less painful than I would have expected.  Definitely turned out worse for the bee, I’m sure.


  1. the yellow jackets are everywhere!

    Comment by suz — September 30, 2009 @ 6:23 am

  2. one upside to moving here if you are moving out…a lot of times these days people moving in will do the painting…this way they get what they want…but I am sure MA picked perfect colors!

    Comment by Karin — October 2, 2009 @ 8:55 am

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