October 7, 2009


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In looking over my tracks, it seems I have left quite a few narrative arcs uncompleted.  In no particular order, I shall finish some of them off.  First, with regards to the Atkins thing, I’ve shut that down.  I was on it for about two months, and reached about 80% of my goals.  Now, I’ve transitioned off it, and seem to be holding well at about 175.  The mystery of the ketones was resolved surprisingly easily using google.  The answer is that the test strips measure the amount of ketones in your blood at that time, not the amount produced.  If the ketones are being consumed, through exercise, etc. then the levels at that time will be lower.  If the ketone level is high in the mornings for example, your body is producing them at a reasonable pace.  After exercise, it is reasonable to expect them to be near 0.   This is very consistent with the trend I observed, so I am declaring victory.

With regards to the cello, I have decided to take the electric, and it has arrived in good shape.  It did need a string upgrade and some fingerboard work.  As a pleasant side-effect, there was some lovely wood under the black paint, so the luthier brought that out.  I can’t really get a good shot of the beautiful grain, but it is quite striking.

The apartment search in Beirut is difficult, but seems to be coming along.  Hopefully, things will resolve in the next day or two.

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  1. I’m glad that you happy about everything- good luck on the apt search.

    Comment by Terra — October 9, 2009 @ 4:45 am

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