February 18, 2010

Neither here nor there

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In an effort to be more amusing and less controversial, I shall now recount an funny experience from my mission.  Given the area of NY that we worked in, there was more than one industrial-sized housing project.  In some of these there is a central area with basketball courts and so forth.  The missionaries in question were walking through one such project on a hot summer’s day, when the courts were full and surrounded by a large number of spectators.  As sometimes happens, the missionaries were being yelled at by one of the folks hanging around.  In this case, it was a mid-twenties African-American woman.  She yelled out to them:

Yo!  White boys can’t jump!

Upon hearing this, the missionary stopped, turned around and yelled back:

Black girl can’t read!

I’d like to think that one caused a 4 alarm dispatch of emergency angelic protection.


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